What is Auto Twitter Favourites?
Auto Twitter Favourites is a service provided by SocialTrades to allow customers to purchase FAVOURITES in advance for future tweets. This allows customers to spend less time buying FAVOURITES individually.

How to use this service?
1. Select the number of FAVOURITES per photo (available in 20,50, 100, 200 and more!)
2. Enter your Twitter Username
4. Select the number of tweets to purchased in advance
5. Add to cart!

Start posting tweets once order status becomes “Accepting Uploads”. 


1. When will my photos start receiving FAVOURITES?: Once the order is set to “Accepting Uploads”, any newly uploaded tweets will receive FAVOURITES.
2. What happens if I delete my tweets after uploading?: The quota will be used since FAVOURITES has been delivered.


There is a minimum purchase of 5 (five) Tweet FAVOURITES to be purchased in advance. 

Do you know we have a subscription service? If you can’t find the service you need, create a ticket and request a custom plan.


No refill or refund in case of drop for Auto Twitter FAVOURITES services, do not purchase Refill Guarantee upon checkout.

No refill even after a 1-minute drop, no refund after purchase.


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