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Trial Order FAQ

1. My trial order is marked as completed and I received nothing.

Each Instagram User ID is only allowed one trial service per account. A duplicate purchase will result in non-delivery and order being marked as completed. This may also occur when someone may have accidentally or intentionally placed a free trial order using your Instagram User ID.

Another possible reason is that your account is because your account is private or you provided us with an incorrect link. If that is the case, try reordering another one with the correct information.

2. When will my free trial order be delivered?

Free trial services are generally not prioritised in delivery and may take up to 72 hours for completion. There might also be delays in delivery in case of system upgrades. Please refer to our Service Status page for the most updated service status.

3. I have used my free trial but I want more, how?

We are all about ensuring that everyone is getting one free trial service per Instagram User ID and restoring balance in the universe. If you wish to increase your social media ranking/activities, try out our paid services. Doing so will also allow us to put out more types of free trials in the future.

4. It is definitely my first time using it and no one has ever used my account for the free trial. Why am I still not receiving it? Are you scamming me?

First of all, it is sad to hear that you think we are scamming you. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality services out there with the lowest possible price. If you believe that there is an error on our end, kindly contact our support team. Our contact information is available here.

5. Why are you sending this to my email? I did not register for anything!

We do not register you to anything on our site. Someone might have used your email address by accident. Feel free to delete our email if you think it is irrelevant.

PS: We do not charge for any free trial orders. So, no, we do not have your credit/debit card information.

Anything else that you wish for us to add to this? Talk to our support team today 😁